Maggi radial-arm saws: Safer & Safer

Maggi radial-arm saws: Safer & Safer

Maggi line of radial arm saws has been renewed to embrace the latest standards in terms of safety and to meet the growing needs of carpenters and artisans.

Engagement lever on the head group for rear limit.
Laser cutting indicator (optional).
Emergency button on the head group.
Worktop optimized for packaging (vers. CE).
Locking ring on motor-fork.
Antirollback protection with double guide pins.
Security micro in the event of opening of the case.
Abutting straightedge increased and fixed with anti-slipping screws.
New electrical panel.
Rear casing increased in size; double intake opening (Ø 100 mm)..

- The main structure of the machine (body, arm and rear casing) is assembled and packed in a single wooden case on request.
- Cutting indicator, high-quality laser, predisposition for mounting already present on the machine.